KDE 4.1 / openSUSE 11: How do I get Suspend back into K-Menu

I have updated from openSUSE 11 / KDE 4.0.4 to KDE 4.1beta2 (4.0.84) and am now missing the Suspend to RAM and Suspend to Disk buttons in K-Menu. In KDE 4.0.4 there used to be separate buttons, now they’re hiding behind “Shutdown” - aka it’s a lot more complicated to suspend now because I used to add the Suspend to RAM button to my favorites.

How do I get it back?

KDE 4.0.4

KDE 4.1beta2

Same problem here. One of the packages that would not update was kshutdown-alpha. There was some sort of dependency problem. Did you have that too?

I suspect that update (if it would install) will add the suspend to ram and suspend to disk back to the kmenu.

Nope. I can’t find any way to restore it to the menu. I think the intent is to set the action using kpowersave and to take it out of the menu altogether; although I think there might be a desktop widget that does it.

I think it also has to do with s2ram and pm-utils being extensively used in Suse. As you probably know, s2ram is a new way of suspending to ram using binary, but it is somewhat experimental and doesn’t work on all boxes. It must be configured and different switches used in a config file that makes your particular machine work. I’ve not been able to get my laptop to suspend to ram. It will suspend to disk, but s2ram, if properly implemented, allows quicker “waking up”. I’m still working on it. When I find the right combination of s2ram -f -a 1, etc. I will have to add it to the config file.

It’s a pain in the wazoo, but hey, this is BETA software. :smiley:

Anyway, I think that is why the features were removed from kicker because for the most part the s2ram doesn’t work.