KDE 4.1 general questions

Ok here goes. OpenSuse 11, successfully installed. KDE 4.1, Successfully upgraded to.

Heres the questions (I have been using openSuSe 10.3 since it came out and 10.2 prior). I need to know why I cannot or how I can run programs with root privileges (previous it was a right click then place in run line…) I need this to be able to run certain security programs with full privileges. I also would like to know about configuring other things like making my taskbar fully transparent as I cannot find this option anymore. And lastly I would like the option for separate wallpapers on all my desktops, the check box is gone from my desktop pager config.

phew, thats allot, k now for the answers…rotfl!

I’ve been using Kde 4.1 for a day now, so I’m not exactly an expert yet! However from my brief experience I have concluded that things are sometimes done a little different and certainly not everything is the same. But I’m enjoying exploring and overall I’m really loving it (I am a kde 3.5 fan).

Also it’s nowhere near as buggy as when I tried it in the past.

As for running apps with root priveliges, try typing “kdesu App name” in command line.

Easy way is allt+F2 enter kdesu followed by the program you want to run


ok well that takes care (kinda) of one of my questions, but now theres the others that are yet to be answered… who will respond, we shall wait and see…>:)

Transparency is limited. I use slim-glow for my panel.

You can’t yet have different pictures for the individual desktops

ok heres another one to go with all the people taht suggested run command, what If you don’t know the names of the applications that you want to run! for example the nvidia control panel requires admin rights to setup a second monitor, yet I don’t know the right command to run! This sucks they took away the ease of right click run with different priority option…:’(

what If you don’t know the names of the applications that you want to run!
So how do you know you want to run it - if you don’t know what it is?

You mention nVidia as an example. But don’t you have a start menu item for that?

You can manually edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf.

and there is a help page here for nVidia

You can research via google about it or you can ask in the forum. It’s not a big deal

I do have a start menu icon for it, however it only opens under user rights and I need to configure my second monitor which requries write rights to the config file, in 10.3 wazs no big deal, right click, run with different priority, root login, bam you have an app running under root privilages, however no such ease in this update… I hate it when we go two steps forward then slide one step back in Linux. I love Linux (Hey even my license plate says Linux!) but when ease and quickness of use is interrupted thats bad and makes me very sad cause then it takes days to do what took seconds previously…:’(

The way I take care of that, and also how I configure my mouse… which seems to have similar ‘need root rights’ issues is by simply logging off, and logging in as root… performing the actions there.

I’m sure that someone will reply to this as something you shouldn’t do… but hey at least it gets the monitor to the proper resolution for me. (and the mouse to the proper dpi :P)

I’ve also found this KDE4 menu run as root thingy, I haven’t tried it myself. But you might want to.

well not sure about the menu root scripts, but logging in as root may work, I will have to give it a try, still not convinent, but if it works, hey i’ll be happy.

Ok one more question (ok, no groaning) how can I or can I redo my hotkeys for individual applications, i.e. clicking f2 for my firefox etc, etc, in kde 3 it was (I know your tired of hearing how it was, but dangit it worked and shouldnt have been removed from kde 4) was to right click and edit menu item, this allowed me to replace the hotkey, or add a hotkey as needed.

Don’t need to or should log in as root

To edit a file eg xorg.conf
alt+F2 gives you run then type kdesu kwrite/etc/X11/xorg.conf
For other files just substitute the path after kwrite/

The same can be done in a console


Yes, but in 2008, with the latest, and greatest OS in existence, and with the previous version having the ability to do this, and not knowing what needs to and not caring what needs to be changed in the xorg, or whether that is what needs to be changed for the nvidia card I want the ability to run this program as root, under my login, without the need to log as root or attempt the command line hacking that may or may not produce a working product when I am done! I want the ability to click configure, and then save as the program has already selected all of the defaults and hacks that I would need with a couple simple clicks of the mouse. Phew, now that I’ve pissed off a few command line lovers and will get the ire of the go back to windows group, No I don’t want to use the command line to edit this file, no I hate and would not use windows, I just want what was working and what took me literally 2 minutes in opensuse 10.2 and 10.3 to work in opensuse 11. Is that so much for the KDE and OpenSuse group to put back into the OS??? Ok have fun flaming me!>:(