KDE 4.1 (future)

Okay, I am greatly anticipating the 4.1 release of KDE. Plasma on 4.0 was just too unstable for me to use, and in general it was a higher CPU using setup. But I haven’t seen (and maybe I just missed it) any word on how its going to be done. Meaning:

  1. You will go against the Factory repo and always get 4.1 whatever version its up to.
  2. You will go against a new repo for just 4.1 (and possibly security fixes)?
  3. It will be in the stable KDE repo as an upgrade (doubt this one)?

Hopefully this is the right forum since its not been released yet :wink:


I think The third option will be ok asap when the final 4.1 will be released.
However, you can try the Unstable KDE4 repository, where the RC1 (KDE4.0.98) was just released few days ago.
I’m using it myself at the moment, and it seems more more stable. By the moment, it competes with my KDE3.5 desktop in term of stability and usability.