kde 4.1 for windows xp

Anyone using kde 4.1 here for windows xp?
I am trying to google for some pointers regarding the konqueror flash plugin
and how to connect kong and dolphin to the network. Hopefully someone here can give me some tips.:slight_smile:

Please move this to the proper forum at your convinience.:slight_smile: except to the windows forum. lol!

I guess there is not much user trying it in winblows. Been googling and seems not find a fruitful links.lol!

On 09/13/2008 conram wrote:
> I guess there is not much user trying it in winblows. Been googling
> and seems not find a fruitful links.lol!

To be honest “KDE on Windows” sounds like a sick idea to me.


I guess you’ll have to get used to it … or keep a load of sick bags handy.

For me not really.:wink:
Nice to have some free apps to use in a winblows workplace.
At home it’s all suse, but at the office winblows with a touch of linux look

Can’t honestly see this ever taking off. I mean, when is M$ ever going to make it easy. But I can appreciate that some might be thrilled with the idea in the windows workplace, nothing like a new look desktop to impress all the other minions. Only, just how impressive will it be??

You have to try/experience it and see what happens next.
KDE is gonna “KONQUER” windows in the near future:cool:
Gotta see konqueror and dolphin replace windows explorer and IE.lol!lol!
Right now I am using okular instead of windows picture viewer it is much better.
To add more oxygen is nicer than the default windows theme which is what kde apps are using in win right now. I have not got to make amarok work it is in the alpha stage but I am looking forward to making it as my replacement for win media player, so vlc has a buddy:):

I do have an xp installation. Trouble is, I never use it. Esp. now Virtual Box is so good. If ever need to use xp, I just use my VBox install of xp. So no re-boot.
It would certainly be great if it takes off - I agree.
You seem to be having fun anyway.

Yes at the office it is fun to have a change, instead of staring all day at the old windows skin.

So are they actually planning to port the whole environment? I thought it was just the applications.

I’ve had a play with Dolphin on Windows, big improvement over explorer in my opinion. Sadly I never managed to get Konqueror working.