KDE 4.1 beta2

4.1 is good, but lots of extra apps aren’t ready yet (amarok, k3b, digikam) so I’m stuck between KDE 3 and 4. Once I can get a full KDE4 desktop I’ll work on my next goal. No GTK apps. Which as of right now is Openoffice and Firefox plus a few other apps that suse has installed by default. Anyways KDE 4 is looking good, get the taskbar issue sorted out and finish the artwork and I’ll be upgrading my main PC to 4.1.

is beta 2 stable or I mean better compared to beta 1?

for me 4.0.83-1 was MUCH less stable then 4.0.82, but today I received a huge update to 4.0.83-2 so maybe that will be better.

It does have suse patches and customizations though so it looks better then 4.0.82. I still have the GTK flickering issues though.


thanks I will upgrade right now :slight_smile:


oh yeah one more thing I noticed that on this page they now have unstable and factory repos for kde 4:

KDE/Repositories - openSUSE

I currently have to unstable ones but should I switch to factory?

FACTORY is advised over UNSTABLE.


thanks, I will tell u how it goes

how does virtualbox behave when things crash? I mean-- sometimes when there’s a compiz or graphics bug, I’ll get a fuzzy white screen and a complete lock-up. Do you get that inside a window?

Alright I just upgraded and its horrible, what r they up to releasing this an an update, knotify crashes every 30 seconds and some effects don’t work


any idea when the next update is, how is it working for others? :confused:

The KNotify thing is annoying, the only thing you can do to avoid that at the moment is turning off system notifications in the KDE Control Centre.

thanks :slight_smile:

and also can u tell me if its safe to remove:

policykit-kde and kde4-konqueror-plugins

cause the update manager keeps asking me to either upgrade those or downgrade kde…

I just removed them. I wasn’t about to downgrade the 170+ packages just for a few konqueror plugins. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks again :slight_smile:

I will remove them now

how can I remove an activity in kde 4 for example if u zoom out of the desktop there is an option to add activity, what does this do and how do I remove it if I added it? :confused:

I still need help with the activity thing :frowning:

Anyway I just got new updates for kde 4.1 and its very stable now (at least for me) there r some new options in effects for example translucency for inactive windows and popup menus and stuff, some effects still don’t work properly and the webcam bug still exists but other then that its awesome :slight_smile:

I just updated and it works perfectly on my laptop :).

Now if I could get my damned arrow keys working in terminal, and kmix I would be extremely happy :).

I would be extremely happy as well if some one could helpo remove those extra activity things I have added, they r annoying me a lot :frowning:

Never mind, it was my own stupid fault! I was messing with the key assignments and must have re-asssigned the up/down arrows ö_Ö. DOH!

…as an extreme method of removal, you could always delete the .kde4 folder in your /home I expect! That should do it :D.

I tried that, it didn’t work… :confused:

just got 4.0.83-3 and it is better then the previous two i must admit. Plasma is still buggy as if it were M$ but there is some improvement. I do not really like the blue theme Opensuse goes for but I suppose it is different from the default one everybody uses (although the new one with the titlebar stripes is rather cool).

I have not seen any new features or effects yet. the cashew is still annoying me and not working besides.

@snake I have no clue as to what you are referring to regarding activities…