KDE 4.1 beta2

Released today. Dont upgrade yet, Knotify crashes all the time.

Thanks for that bit of advice.

I just got beta 1 looking spot on, it would be a shame to spoil it :D.

i just upgraded to 4.0.83 and it is SO very unstable. It crashes every time I look at it. should have waited i suppose…


i don’t know what you guys are talking about. i haven’t had any crashes yet.
although i haven’t logged out & logged back in yet…

well after the first reboot and the actual loading of 4.0.83 my system has been a lot less stable or some reason, had 4 knotify crashes already. cannot say I notice any improvements yet either or things that are obviously new …


Heh…things are likely to get even worse before improving. Hang in there.

I think I’m going to go ahead and do the update anyway. Assuming KDE 4.1beta is the 4.0.83 packages, which I’m downloading now.

I upgraded yesterday and since then I get continuous crashes in knotify4. Appart from that, it’s exactly as it was beta1. I haven’t noticed any improvement.

In another thread it was mentioned that you can turn off notifications as a temporary workaround to prevent the knotify crashes.

4.0.83 also introduced weird dependency errors to konqueror-plugins 4.0.4 and “Problem: kdeplasmoids4-4.0.83-1.1.x86_64 requires kdebase4-runtime >= 4.0.83, but this requirement cannot be provided” where I had none of this on 4.0.82.

I did notice now that 4.0.83 is slightly less vanilla then 4.0.82 with some suse stuff integrated again it seems like the menu button, wallpaper, plasma theme, etc.


I’ve actually been having the issues with konqueror-plugins, extragear-plasma, and several other packages since upgrading from the stock KDE4 from 11.

If I try to install konqueror-plugins or several of the other packages, Yast tries to downgrade nearly 200 packages.

If you want to test beta-bits and your PC is quite fat: powerful processor, large ram and a big big harddisk, why don’t you make a virtual machine using VirtualBox? That virtual machine is the right place for testing. If you hose that virtual machine, your real machine isn’t affected! Another tip is when your virtual machine is up and running and updated from the base repositories: create a backup of it. If you hose your virtual machine, restoring is a matter of a mere 10 minutes! This is why products like VirtualBox is a great tool just to save your real computer and save you a lot of time and frustration.

i do use virtualbox/vmware server/vmware ESX/xen and their snapshot features, but for my day-2-day desktop I want something fresh and new as well. gnome is awesome but also soo stable it is boring, KDE3 has not been for me and KDE4.0.4 is even more beta then 4.0.83 … soooo I like running bleeding edge stuff and the occasional breakage. that is also why I run fedora and arch. what fun is a system that needs not tinkering? I would run Centos if I wanted my laptop to be like that :wink:


It’s funny as the KDE developers said KDE 4.1 beta 2 was more stable. I’ve noticed the lack of features after Beta 1 and that nothing has received a ton of polish. I’m hoping RC1 is what I’m looking for.

KDE 4.1 Beta 2 is a lot more stable than previous version. The first opensuse compile had a few bugs from there integration of patches (I haven’t tested the vanilla KDE 4 beta 2 but from what I heard it doesn’t have any of the bugs found in the opensuse build service version).The new compile as of today is running a lot better with no knotify4 crashes so give that a try.

Is that in the repositories? I used them to get beta 2 the other day (with the knotify crashes) and have been able to tolerate them, but the only kde4 updates i’m seeing right now are a few for kdeartwork. =\

Are you using

Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/UNSTABLE:

KDE4:/Factory:/ is the suggested one at the moment and the one im using and there are no problems with the 4.0.83 version at the moment (except the standard kde 4.1 bugs).

You could also be using a mirror that hasn’t had the files copied over yet but yes they are in the repositories.

Edit: Ok I had a look and it appears that the 64 bit packages were recompiled today but the 32bit packages weren’t this could be the why you aren’t pickup any updates as im on the 64bit version.

I have thre with KDE4 Factory in the name, Community, Desktop, and extra apps, so it is probably the fact i’m using 32bit. Thanks for checking that; hopefully the fix will find it’s way into the 32bit repos soon.

Installed it last night, runs very well for me, no crashes at all. And the My Computer-Networking-Samba shares work now too!

Are you sure about that? I’m running beta 2, and trying to view samba shares tells me that there are no workgroups unless I disable the firewall (which has samba allowed…) When I do disable the firewall, it lets me see my workgroup, but times out if I try to browse it.

Oddly enough, if I type in smb://share.ip.adress/ it lets me see everything fine, even with the firewall enabled.

Ah well, the windows box can see it and browse it. It’s only a bonus to access my media from the linux laptop. Then again, the KDE I’m running still has the Knotify crashes.