KDE 4.1 and SDL ?

Hi !

When running KDE 4.1.2, it seems that some applications, mostly SDL, have problems:

  1. applicationstend to hang for .5 seconds every 10 seconds or so, for example Pingus, Cromium BSU, Wesnoth, Kaffeine (AFAIK the latter one uses no SDL)

  2. The original cursor is always visible (although the application provides it’s own cursor), and it lags several seconds beyond the application’s cursor. Applies to all applications listed above.

If I run another WM/Desktop, for example icewm, everything seems to be ok.

My configuration: SuSE 11.0, updated to KDE 4.1.2
Pentium-M 1.5 GHz, 915 GM (Centrino Sonoma), 2GiB RAM

Any ideas ?

Regards, The_Wumpus