KDE 4.1.3 - Desktop icons locked

I’m suddenly experiencing a big issue with my KDE desktop. I’m using Folder View and all icons are locked in place, jumping back whenever I try to move them. And yes, ‘Lock in Place’ is disabled and widgets are unlocked, so it’s likely a bug.

I can’t update to KDE 4.3 currently so if anyone has a solution to this issue it would help a lot.


Which Desktop Activity are you currently using? If you right click on your Desktop then choose Desktop Settings, try switching the type to Default Desktop, then try moving your icons.

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This issue happens for the Folder View desktop, as well as in the Folder View widget. Widgets can be moved correctly, but icons in folder views are stuck :expressionless: I use this desktop type because it’s easier to keep and arrange icons with it… I’ll switch to the other one if nothing else works.

Never mind, I got it fixed. The problem was something in the Desktop folder in my home/username folder, I deleted and remade it and now it works.