KDE 4.1.3 + Compiz: cannot change window decorations

I’ve been recently wrestling with the window decorations in KDE 4.1.3 (Compiz installed and running): window decorations doesn’t change at all, no CDE, no Motif, no Oxygen, nothing but the same decoration not even listed in the option list (red borders while active, light gray while inactive.)

Really, what’s the matter with KDE? :sarcastic:

I think the consensus is now that 4.2 is pretty stable. Try it - it might well fix it.

Installed KDE 4.2. Bought me nothing but the broken network manager. The bug itself remained.

If you have compiz-fusion installed, the settings for that window decorator is handled by Emerald Theme Manager.

You can get to it by opening a terminal and typing


Or, since I just reread and saw you’re using kde4:
click the kickoff launcher (K icon or Green Lizzard icon) then go to Applications>Utilities>Desktop>Emerald Theme Manager.

I would suggest right clicking it and adding it to your favorites for quick access.