KDE 4.0 and partiotioning

Hello everybody.

I had opensuse 10.3 in my pc and I decide to upgrade it to 11.0
everything in the installation was fine.

I run first time the 11.0 with session of kde 3.5 everything is working fine as before.
But when I run the kde 4.0 session I can not see my windows fat & ntfs hard disks.
I try with the partitioning to mount them, but they are allready mounted.
I restart the pc but the same thing, can not see the hard disks from kde4.0, but works perfectly on 3.5.

what I have to do for have all my disks even from the kde4.0 ?:\

Also seems a little bit slower, does anybody knows anything about this ?

Hi cdmc_gr – welcome to the Forums.

Try adding the repositories for KDE 4.1 according to the quote below that I have copied across from this linked thread.

Then you use the online update in Yast to take KDE4 from 4.0 to 4.1.2