KDE 4.0.5 crash... upgrade to KDE 4.1 looks ugly

For some unknown reason, KDE 4.0.5 crashed and changed a couple of my /home/user file permissions to root. I couldn’t log back in so I upgraded to KDE 4.1 from the FACTORY repo and now it looks… not as pretty as before hehe.
There’s a problem with the icons always showing that squarish transparent background behind them and the taskbar icon backgrounds stand out as well. Any ideas on how to fix this??

Since you can’t attach files to posts, I’m a bit at a loss for how to get you a screenshot. I don’t have any accounts where I can upload the photo to a website.

Also, there was a Gwenview dependency problem when I updated. Any way to resolve this? I really liked Gwenview for viewing images.

Did you get the /home/user permissions squared away?

And there you are again. Yep, squared away and using 4.1 but the desktop looks UGGGLY. In the old one (4.0.5), I’m not sure what it’s called but there was a grayish oval that help things like the online update checker, the connection monitor, the power monitor, etc etc. That’s gone now and all that remains is the grayish background in each of the icons. Looks pretty bad!

If attachments were allowed cough cough maybe I could post a screenshot.

Thread moved to Pre-Release/Beta

Here’s a link to a screenshot: ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing

As you can see, the icons on the desktop have that squarish background and the on the bottom panel, the icons left of the New Device Notifier all have background problems.
Also, the Lock/Logout widget isn’t small vertical as in 4.0.5, it’s now two big icons which is pretty insignificant but I prefer the smaller vertical icons. Anyone else running into these troubles?

Yup same here, I guess that just the way it is for this version. I dont like it either but hey its still beta right.

To make the lock/logout icons vertical again just increase the size of the panel and they will go vertical again.

Alright, yeah you’re right. Can’t be too picky during a BETA. It has fixed a bunch of the problems I was having with 4.0.5 too. I got the buttons vertical again, thanks! You just have to make the panel a little bigger than it was before.

Are you having any problems with Gwenview? I see it’s locked in YaST and if I run it, it doesn’t have a menu.

No, the only problems I am currently having is that I have no OS sound (startup.shutdown music), and I cant find the personal settings menu to customize my system/desktop.

Are you having these issues?

Yeah, I also have no startup/shutdown sound.
In YaST, is your Gwenview locked?