KDE 3.5 vs KDE 4?

Only been using Suse a couple weeks.
Two weeks ago when downloading Suse11.0 live CD it came with KDE4.0.4, I liked it and had no real problems with it. Then went to KDE3.5.9 after being told it’s more stable.
Question is which is better?
I see a lot of posters, have moved to the later versions of KDE4.1… but see a upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1 can cause issues and involves a bit up tuning up.
The other question is I still have both KDEs and there is a way to choose either on bootup but I have been unable to figure out how this is done.
Just how do you choose to boot into either KDE3.5 or KDE4?

Asking, ‘which is better?’ is a very dangerous question. :]

I like KDE 3.5 vs 4 for a few reasons:

  1. I have used it for a long time and I feel at home with it. (Note: this is the underlying #1 reason for most people, I believe.)
  2. There are many features (esp. in konqueror) that have yet to be implemented in KDE 4.
  3. For me, it has been much more stable that KDE 4.0.x. It is aruguably more stable than KDE 4.1.x

I believe KDE 4 will catch up and maybe even surpass KDE 3.5 for a few reasons:

  1. KDE 4 seems to have more foresight in the planning and is not as ‘hacked’ together as KDE 3.x. It was in planning for years.
  2. There is a reason new versions of software exist: To add more features, fix bugs, and add stability. This is usually an ongoing process across many releases - hence the ‘.5’ after KDE 3.
  3. KDE 4 is being developed quite actively and I plan to see most features I miss very soon.

To the other question:

To make one the default at Login, you need to do so from the Login manager. If you auto-login to KDE, just logout and there is a menu to select your desktop environment. You can then change it to KDE3 (or KDE4, or GNOME, twm, etc.) Whatever you choose usually stays as your default for that user.


Hmm, ‘better’ is the one you prefer to use. Ok, now with the deep philosophical question dealt with, I’ll give some of my thoughts on this. :slight_smile:

I myself run KDE 4.1.1 and like it. I still need to use few KDE3 applications such as konversation and k3b, which do not have KDE4 ports (quite yet). But running them is no hassle, so no problems there. That being said, KDE4 and the various applications for it are still being developed and there might be some rough edges here and there. For example, I use beta versions of digikam and amarok and currently there is a problem with amarok reading the song metadata incorrectly. Also with the latest update from the build service repos left me unable to change my wallpaper. Not exactly the end of the world and something that will be fixed this week, but a tiny annoyance anyways.

Then again, a friend of mine had a problem with Windows on his laptop that was neatly fixed by installing openSUSE on the laptop in question… There I thought KDE 3.5.10 was the more sensible choice since all the required applications work well and the desktop is really stable.

So, in a nutshell one might say that use KDE4 by all means if you don’t mind a little excitement and occasional tinkering. As a reward you really get to see how it develops and constantly gains awesomeness… :wink:

Kind of thought that.
Just leaning Suse and sort of thought that way about KDE4.

I can’t find ‘Login manager’.
I have auto-login to KDE and can’t figure how to logout to get to that menu.

Nevermind, I was told how to logout and disable that feature.

Disable auto login - it’s royal pain in the ass
Yast - Security and Users - User and Group Management

at the green login window
look to lower left to choose your session - kde3 - kde4 …etc…

Thanks, I found it.