Kde 3.5.. crash

Is there some way to find out what causes my desktop to randomly crash randomly apps? I am on kde 3.5.9. When I log in, approximately 50% of the time something will crash: kmix, kcminit, konqueror, kicker, khotkeys, etc…

I have none experience with debugging but would like to know what causes this, I had the same issue with 10.3 with kde versions 3.5, every subversions. I wonder if it could be a hardware issue?

Any tip on what to read or how to approach this problem is very much appreciated.


Sounds alot like faulty memory…try booting up the standalone
memory tester in the boot menu and see if it finds a problem.


Did that once but could not find out to much. I’m not the most knowledgeable to read such outputs, and it seemed like it would go on for at least a week, so I stopped it after two days or so.

Is there perhaps another tool? I like strategy gaming so I have always kept a small windows installation, can’t say I have had any recognisable errors there.

Yes, it seems like it was memory issue. I have replced my RAM and everything seems fine.