KDE 3.5.9, SUSE 11.0, many desktop/window issues


I hope someone can help me.

I just upgraded to SUSE 11.0 from 10.3

I am running KDE 3.5.9, “release 49.1”.

I have two nVIDIA cards in the system, a GeForce 7950 GT and a
GeForce4 MX 4000, which is a legacy card. I have 3 monitors, 2 on the
7950GT and one on the MX4000. I use the “nv” driver for the MX4000
card and the latest nVIDIA proprietary driver for the 7950GT.

I am not using nVIDIA’s “TwinView” mode. Each monitor is configured

This is exactly how it was configured under SUSE 10.3. The “only” change
I have made is the system upgrade. I include the above for
completeness, I do not think it is part of the problem.

The problems below occur when X is configured for MultiHead (Xinerama “off”).

The problems below do not occur with Compiz as the session manager,
but do occur with all other session managers available from the
“Personal Settings” Menu.

I cannot use Compiz because it does not work with the legacy “nv” driver.

The problems occur even if I disable the MX4000 card, including
removing it physically from the computer.

The problems occur only on screens 1 and 2 (screen 1 if the MX4000
card is disabled). Screen 0 is fine.

The Problems:

  1. No multiple desktops. There is only one desktop. I can configure
    multiple desktops from “Configure Desktop” but it does nothing. The
    moment I click “Apply” the slider reverts back to 1.

  2. No borders & no title bar on windows. Clicking on a desktop icon or
    selecting a program from the menu causes it to open in the upper left
    hand corner of the screen. There are no borders and no title bar. The
    window cannot be moved from the starting location.

  3. No keyboard input. The programs running on these screens do not
    accept keyboard input. The focus still seems to be with what ever is
    running on screen 0. Clicking on the program window with the mouse
    does not change the focus. Mouse action such as menu selections, do

I have googled extensively as best I could and found a few things
which did not help, including this item on the SUSE forums:
No Borders To Windows - openSUSE Forums

Any help appreciated.

Many thanks,