KDE 3.5.10, desktop doesn't 'refresh'...


If I download/copy a file to the ‘Desktop’ it doesn’t become visible even if I right click and refresh desktop.
But if I open the ‘Desktop’ folder in konqueror the files are there and if I logout/in the files turn up on my desktop…

Very annoying,
hoping for a simple solution :\

regards inito

i’ve seen that from time to time also…running 3.5.7 on 10.3 and have
never been able to figure out what the HECK causes it…

a complete mystery here…hope someone knows!


Never recall that when I was using kde3, but then I never had icons on the Desktop really and downloads went to a desktop folder ‘Downloads’.
Not sure what your problem is.
I have kde3 installed, so I’ll switch over and check now.

OK for me in 11.1 and kde3.

Qt: 3.3.8b
KDE: 3.5.10 “release 61”
kde-config: 1.0

Weird this,
never had this prob before I updated from kde 3.5.9…

Now I have this in os-11.1-x86_64

KDE: 3.5.10 “release 21.11”
Linux 2.6.31-rc8-35-desktop x86_64

I don’t know where to look for a solution… dang.

I’m x86


solved my problems by updating KDE to latest factory build for 11.1…

not a clue what was wrong before but all good now :slight_smile: