KDE-3.5.10 availability via openSUSE-11.2 ...

The following was on the openSUSE news page, but I missed it. There is guidance provided here, on how openSUSE-11.2 users will be able to add the option of the KDE-3.5.10 desktop to their openSUSE-11.2: KDE3 - openSUSE (after 11.2 is installed).

Presumeably this is intended for openSUSE-11.2 KDE-4.3.1 users (as opposed to Gnome users ??? - I don’t know). Also, as noted in that wiki, the KDE:KDE3 repository is currently unmaintained and may not even update and build correctly. SuSE-GmbH also do not accept any bugreports for it. Use at your own risk.

They are also looking for volunteers in (helping) maintaining the KDE3 repository for openSUSE. Contact the KDE team in the #opensuse-kde channel on Freenode or on the opensuse-kde@opensuse.org mailing list.

Really ? Are they going to give up kde3 support ?
Kde4 is still lacking some essential functions… Like the ability to have the application menu just by clicking on the desktop. My last experience with kde4, on opensuse 11.1 was really bad…

Thanks Lee for that link!
Sad that kde 3 has been discontinued. I enjoyed it for years and when I tried kde4 in 11.1 I found it terrible. I know it is just a matter of habit.
I guess little by little we will all have to surrender and finally get used to kde4 :sick:

Nope - the KDE4 in 11.1 was terrible.

It’s much better now, but I’ve only very briefly used KDE3, so couldn’t say that it’s caught up yet.

On Thu, 2009-10-29 at 19:26 +0000, Confuseling wrote:
> G0NZ0;2057290 Wrote:
> > …when I tried kde4 in 11.1 I found it terrible. I know it is just a
> > matter of habit…
> Nope - the KDE4 in 11.1 was terrible.

VERY true. I’d say >99% of 11.1 users that like KDE4 are running
KDE4 4.2 or higher and not the “thing” that 11.1 shipped with.

> It’s much better now, but I’ve only very briefly used KDE3, so couldn’t
> say that it’s caught up yet.

It hasn’t, NOR is there a goal for KDE4 to support all of the
features of KDE3. We really need to start thinking of KDE3 as
a dead product and KDE4 as a newcomer… KDE4 is NOT a successor
to KDE3. It’s different.

I was a big KDE-3.5.10 fan. I still have it running on 5 of the 7 PCs in our family. But my plan is to replace it with KDE-4.3.1 in openSUSE-11.2.

Possibly the only thing that I can say I miss from KDE-3.5.10 (having played with 4.3.1) is the transparency features I can get with KDE-3.5.10 with the openGL nVidia graphic driver that I can not get with 4.3.1 with the same openGL nVidia graphic driver (I need the proprietary nVidia driver in 4.3.1 to get transparency). But thats a pretty small item, and not enough for me to stop from switching desktops.

I installed openSUSE-11.2 RC2 on my sandbox PC less than an hour ago. The stable nVida proprietary legacy driver 173.14.18 failed to build on my GeForce FX5200 nVidia graphic card, but the beta 173.14.20 proprietary driver did build ok. The KDE-4.3.1 looks every bit as nice as my 3.5.10 did.

I know there is a tendency to say " … in the good old days … blah blah blah … " but these are currently interesting times with openSUSE Linux, as so much is happening, and so many visible efforts are being made to improve the distribution. … but thats all slightly off topic.

… Back to topic, I hope someone in the community is still able to package an openSUSE-11.2 KDE-3.5.10 liveCD. I’m pretty certain there are still some 3.5.10 users who would use it.

For a How-To in a new install situation, look here:
How-To: Install KDE 3.5 with OpenSUSE 11.2 - openSUSE Forums

Packman packagers are making available packages packaged for KDE3:
/dev/loki: Packman repository for KDE3 on openSUSE 11.2

As an ex-KDE 3.5 fan, I’d say it’s time to move on now that 4.3.3 seems to be as stable as rock.

Apart from some community repo weather plugins, that is. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is my view also.

beg to differ :nerd:
if memory serves well, KDE is the open-source version of Common Desktop Environment aka CDE.
this has served & still serves its purpose very well.
if you jerks are jealous of Gnome, then go over to Gnome DEV & help them. like we don’t already have too much of one of those LostDOS crybabies product >:(
you are in fact only using KDE’s reputation to kick start whatever mess you came up with and which would have died @ birth if it wasn’t for its name.
<:) happily installed 3.5.10 on 11.2 earlier 2day <:)

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feel free to delete the post
fact is: just like most companies still use LostDOS XP rather then upgrading to NT 6, companies that buy SLEx software will stay w/ KDE 3.5
if home users feel happy w/ KDE 4 because compiz & the like “looking nice” features, this shouldn’t be a reason to kill a software that is functioning perfectly well (as the KDE & Qt 3 repositories for 11.2 prove).

just noticed on KDE.org that KDE 3.5.10 has no bugs or security issues since it was released on 26 aug 2008, 16 months ago.
how many new bugs every day on KDE 4?

No bugs reported doesn’t mean there are no more bugs. It could simply be that few people are using or developing the software anymore.

SLED/S will eventually pick up KDE4 in the next cycle. They lag behind openSUSE so that the software gets a good workout.

What do you don’t understand about no more support??

No bug fixes does not mean no bugs. Just that they are no longer bring fixed. ie the KD 3.5 is now frozen use at your own risk.

«no more support» ?!?

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  • John Dewey
    (what) do you think?

went to KDE.org & had a look @ their current stable releases.
3.5.10 is one of them.
frozen doesn’t mean they don’t fix things anymore but that there will be no new features; might want to polish up your dev background.
a look @ their bugzilla shows that there still are bugs filled against KDE 3.5 (Linux) even though they seem to be about applications, not about the KDE code.
but i have only been (for the last three years) a happy user of KDE 3.5 on openSUSE 10.3; i don’t pretend to know the intricacies of KDE. just that 4 strikes me as overbloated with useless and unproductive gadgets. which add an awful lot of line of codes which means more bugs.

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  • Rich Cook

does bigger (automatically) mean better?

Yes, no more support. From the horse’s mouth.

Feel free to do what you want re 3.5 and 4, it’s OSS after all, but ranting at us because you like 3.5 and we prefer 4 does nothing useful. That energy probably is better spent in a 3.5 support group or something like that.

Most of us have moved on from 3.5 and that doesn’t necessarily mean bloat. In fact the KDE developers have done wonders with the memory footprint. If you don’t like the look and feel, that’s always the case with the new technology. I’m sure there are a few people out there nostalgic for KDE2 look and feel.

just checked;
KDE 1.x must have been included as (default) user interface on the 1st Linux boxes i bought, some 15 yrs ago.
as the SCSI setup of my 1st PCs was flexible enough to easily boot either Lnx or LostDOS, i must have gone thru most of KDE 1 & 2 releases next to LostDOS “New Technology” moving from 3.5.1 to 4 and then 5.x
did i miss them when 3 arrived?
no, because then every new release brought more stability and functionality.
and when v!$t0 eventually emerged KDE 3.5 on openSUSE felt stable enough to replace M$ altogether.

in the last year of two i have been giving KDE 4 at various stages a try & every time i was glad to get back to 3.5
and in opposition to what most here report, i have been feeling that it has been getting worse & worse every time.

and yes, i might even get involved into KDE 3.5
and, something you probably don’t realize busy as you are glorifying 4, is that more & more ppl who foresee the inevitable end of 3.5 start looking for alternatives; and Gnome usually isn’t on the list.

can’t help feeling you lost the spirit of KDE.
might want to go back to the roots.
many users aren’t looking for fancy graphics. they just want an UI that gives them quickly access to what they need.

No, in my case you’re projecting. I didn’t glorify KDE4. I just said that it’s what’s supported now. Nowhere have I said what my personal preferences are.

If you want to promote KDE3.5 feel free to take this to the Soapbox.

just another user saying
I miss KDE3 in OpenSUSE 11.2
KDE4 is a resource hog
for me KDE4 is like the Vi$ta of the Linux world (pretty but useless).
And I think my new Desktop will probably be LXDE it’s light and clean.
KDE wasn’t an oss version of CDE, maybe it’s name was a pun on the CDE but KDE originally used QT while CDE is/was a motiff based application.

And the fact is Trolltech hasn’t updated QT3 in years and probably newer will so KDE3 is feature locked but not dead.