kde 2.4.1 KDED problems

After reading that removing KDED map the cpu load went down

i started moving the entrys from KDED to KDED-org

i moved one after the other and restarted kde:

all the names end with .desktop


Kde 4.2.1 is up in half the time as before
the network is running 10x faster
Kmess is starting instantly not switching servers
Firefox starts before i can release the mouse kclick
webpages are there instantly
logout no wait anymore before it happens

conclusion: the files in kded slow the system, the internet connection and slow the working of kde in total

the system:

Intel Quad cpu
with irq-balancer all the cpu’s are working evenly
Rt61pci wireless
8gb memory
Dmraid0 280gb 2 drives
no wsap file
Nividia 180.29 driver 6800GT
kernel 2.6.29-rc7-26-default


Deleting maps files etc is instantly
moving maps is instantly
even ark seems to take no time
a Cat /proc/interrupts is instantly
The hole system is far more responsif

Hé dutchman, where did you read all this? I’m quite curious.

You want speed? Try booting from SSD, server (NFS,NIS) up and login to desktop in less than 40 secs

LOL. You should post it to KDE Community Forums. :slight_smile:

OK. first sorry to call you dutchman, see you’re from Curaçao. This is not without consequenses: some programs lost their short-keys (like yakuake’s F12, all those keys are claimed to be occupied). Second is, I don’t get any improved performance at all…

Yes i am from Holland

The info is from a message i read on a forum ubuntu which said remove kded map

doign that i got sound problems

So then i tried every ***********.desktop removed to see what difference it would make in speed

All mentioned above give me far better speed

firefox url Telegraaf.nl - De website van wakker Nederland loads with several other url which are called during load of the Telefraaf

without the speedup it took several seconds to resolv (???) those url’s

Thats gone now. So a speedup to reach your page

Even download.opensuse.org/repositories takes less time to load

sudo cp mapxxxx from you home directory to a sub-directory is now instantly no wait for who knows what

So KDE4.2.1 is quicker more responsive.

Even opening a program