Kcron or "Task Scheduler" may have an issue.

I use Kcron, now named Task Scheduler, on a nightly basis. Recently I have noticed some tasks not being achieved and when I check it seems the task scheduler may not have run.
I notice too that the Task Scheduler, installed using Yast and kcron is no longer showing in the System Settings window whereas it used always to appear there once installed.
Could there be an issue and why is the Task Scheduler not appearing in System Settings?
Finally if I am using scheduled tasks as Personal Cron as I always have, will the fact that I am logged out influence the Personal Cron?

If kcron is installed it should show up in Systemsettings - Startup and Shutdown as a new module. What it will and will not do, depends on the commands needing the DE or not.

That is what I thought and what used to be the case. Not any more in today’s version of Tumbleweed!
The commands I use have always been personal commands not system commands. Could there be an issue of the commands not working when I am logged out because I have never had a problem in the last five years. Obviously I am checking everything but not yet found cause, hence this post!
Not a big deal at present so will just do some tests. Don’t waste time on this until I need more help but the non appearance in the System Settings is clearly a bug.