kcmshell4 modules

Using KDE 3.5.x
trying to run

kcmshell4 style

get the message

kcmshell(2738)/kcmshell (kdelibs) locateModule: Could not find module ' "style"

kcmshell4 --list

gives me

The following modules are available:
icons - Customize KDE Icons
componentchooser - Choose the default components for various services
kcmkded - KDE Services Configuration
kcm_phonon - Sound System Configuration
ioslaveinfo - Information about the available protocols
smbstatus - Samba status monitor
crypto - Configure SSL, manage certificates, and other cryptography settings
kcmgtk4 - Control the style and fonts used by GTK applications
kcmnotify - System Notification Configuration
language - Language, numeric, and time settings for your particular region
kcm_kdnssd - Configure service discovery
kcm_nepomuk - Nepomuk/Strigi Server Configuration

how to I get the modules to adjust the QT4 settings?

Tried installing kde4-workspace
but hasn’t made any difference.

Any ideas?