"kcmshell4 display" pops up every time screen blanks

I am running OpenSuse 12.1 x86_64, just installed this morning and updated with all the current patches.

I am finding that every time the screen blanker kicks in and then turns the screen back on again, the “kcmshell4 display” module pops up. It seems to think every time the screen unblanks that I have added a new monitor and it wants me to configure it. I only have ONE monitor and I have used this tool about five times to reconfigure it, but it persists in popping up.

It’s pretty annoying. I searched google and these forums and didn’t find anything helpful.

Can this behavior be stopped?

I might consider an upgrade to KDE 4.8 in openSUSE 12.1 using the following repositories since I feel this is a KDE problem. You can add these two repositories:

Version: 12.1

Make sure to remove any other KDE specific repositories and I normally only keep the original openSUSE 12.1 ones and Packman to which I add the two above. Once done, I go into Software Management, select the View Button, select these two repositories one at a time and then elect to switch to each. I also may reverse the switch on only those applications that exist in Packman back to the Packman repositories. You can search the forum for more info on using KDE 4.8 now up to 4.8.3 I think.

Thank You,