kbluetooth4 - Can't Send or Receive Files


I would like some assistance with kbluetooth4 on openSUSE 11.1 / KDE 4.2.

After installing the bluez, etc. files, my usb bluetooth adapter got recognized, the kbluetooth4 icon appears on the system tray whenever I plug the usb adapter in and I can discover my Laptop from my mobile as well.

Sending and receiving files though, seems to be broken. When I send a file from my mobile to the laptop, I get a notification whether to accept it or not, afterwards a status bar for the received file appears. That is as far as it goes. The moment the file gets 100% transfered nothing else happens nor the file seems to be somewhere to be found on the laptop. Sending files with kbluetooth4 doesn’t work either.

I tried installing the gnome bluetooth applet as an alternative as well. In this case sending files does work. Still I cannot receive anything.

Any help here?

I am using:
kblueooth4 0.3
bluez 4.22
bluez-gnome 1.8
gnome-bluetooth 0.11

Thanks in advance

I too found bluetooth a bit cryptic! I found that dolphin did not work with bluetooth at all well but Konqueror did - enter bluetooth:/ in the location bar

Thanks for the reply!

By entering “bluetooth:/” on Konqueror I only get the “Protocol not supported” error message. So that seems not to be working for me as well.

I also got that message when i clicked the bluetooth icon - I have mislead you a bit - as i have both kde3 and kde4 installed I was using the kde3 version of konqueror with the kde4 desktop.

I can send files from my phone to my laptop, but not the other way around…

The files are located in ~/.kbluetooth4 after transfer.