KAudioCreator & CD-ROM

I have a problem getting KAudioCreator to recognise the installed CD drives. Please could somebody help?

K3b sees them clearly. So how do I get KAudioCreator to work in same way. (BTW I have full rw permissions as needed so it is not the PolicyKit bug reported elsewhere.)

I am using KAudioCreator because it has much better GUI for access to Lame settings etc. It does seem, however, to be a Cynderella amongst the multimedia options. Any reason why this is?


Bad habit writing to oneself but I think I may have solved the problem in that the drives seem to be owned by root.
A couple of supplementary questions:-

The drives are at /dev/sr0 and /dev/sr1 or /dev/sg8 and /dev/sg9 respectively. Why two mount points???

If group permissions are set as rw and the CD-ROM is included in the group, why does it not work? (I get error messages when trying to rip suggesting permissions problem. Can somebody please illuminate?


Some users have (such as myself) found it necessary (for other CD related apps) to add the regular user to both group “disk” and group “cdrom” to work around the bug in 11.1 wrt permissions. A restart is necessary after changing the permissions.

Hi and thanks for the reply. I have done this, including the re-boot after reading a few threads here, but still no joy. The devices are shown as owned by root with rw permissions for root and group and I have checked both disk and cdrom. Am I missing something?


I believe whats more important, is can you read and write to them as a regular user ?

Good question. If I use a CD player the player seems to work OK and I can open CD ROM files with Dolphin OK.
Not sure how to test writing on the RW drive.

There are several threads on K3b and ripping but the symptoms I get are the same on both KAudioCreator and K3b, as soon ripping starts the program fails. I have the Packman K3b-codecs as far as I am aware but not aware whether these are being used in preference to any others lurking in system.

Thanks for the continued assistance BTW.

Hi again,
I have tried ripping using FLAC with K3b and it works whereas MP3 (Lame) does not. OTOH neither work with KAudioCreator.

So it appears there may be one problem with K3b and a different problem with KAudioCreator.

With the latter it takes an age for the drive with the disk in it to be found. I recall when I had it all working on Suse 10.0 I had it so I could use the drop down menu to select which drive and things worked faster.
Not sure where to go from here but grateful for your help.

Sorry, I have nothing further to suggest.

OK and thanks. I have meanwhile done a bit more investigation on system and will start a new thread under installation forum.