Karmic convert

Yodel and good’ay. Just poppin in to say what’s up. New convert from Karmic, glad to be rid of it. This is my 2nd distro, and I’ll be running the KDE version. Look forward to learnin and sharing with you all.

Check the multi-media
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

Welcome, I too am a recient Krmic convert. You’ll find that openSUSE goes about some things a little different than Ubuntu. Don’t be afraid to ask questions here, the people on this forum are great at helping.

I hope you find that KDE is awesome on openSUSE and that Yast is just the best system administration tool ever concieved. (my opinion)

Welcome to the forum, Mahngiel :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums!

As it’s been already stated, please feel free to ask questions. I tried out Ubuntu for a day and was completely lost so I can imagine it’ll take some time getting use to the new distro. Yast and zypper are very powerful tools so make sure to read up on how to manage your repositories in openSUSE:

Repository Management - openSUSE Forums

I myself have been using KDE4 since I started linux and we have many people who use it daily and can help if you have problems with openSUSE’s implementation of KDE4.

Hope your openSUSE experience is positive and you enjoy your new distro!

Take Care,


I`m converted too… my karma lead me here…

A big hello to everybody!!!