Kaffeine working with files from a nas - can't find plug in ??

I’ve just installed a nas on my system. All is ok apart from Kaffeine. It will play the file from the home dir, a usb disc but not for some reason the same file over the network located on a nas. It come up with the following error message

Cannot find input plugin for MRL "smb://… etc…

The connection was configured as a MS Windoze network drive.via dolphin. No problems with compressed,pdf or doc files or copying etc just playing an avi with kaffeine.

Any ideas?

A look round the web sort of suggests that kaffeine needs xine-smb to run files of a local server. Trouble is that this needs xine-plugin and that seems to be for browsers so the solution doesn’t make any sense really. :’( All opensuse offer is xine with plugins but it wont use that to fix the dependency.