Kaffeine won't play my DVD's

Hi all,

What do I need to get Kaffeine to play DVD’s?



libdvdcss, libdvdread

Basically, you need the packman repo.

read here too
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Great, Thanks Guys,


Since a long time ago Packman only provides a .nosrc.rpm (PackMan :: Package details for libdvdcss2)
libdvdcss is the ony thing that makes me add the VideoLAN repository.

If one happens to prefer the packman repository (like me), and does not like installing both Packman and Videolan because they will on occasion conflict with each other for dependencies, then one need not install the VideoLAN repository to get libdvdcss2. Simply go to this openSUSE-10.2 page, and install the libdvdcss2 from here (using the command in black). It also works for 10.3 and 11.0.
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Well yes, but I always think “perhaps someday they update it, I should leave the repository active”. Then never is updated, but…
Anyway previously with Smart and now with libzypp I just give VideoLAN repo a very low priority, so there are no problems.


Spare yourself the effort and nerves and get
LinDVD for Euro 39.00 at Startseite - Linuxland International.




Thanks a million for all your input guys,

And no, I am not gonna buy a LinDVD Linux.