Kaffeine Subtitles and minor 11.3 M6 issues

I’ve installed openSUSE 11.3 M6 from the KDE Live x86_64 media. I’m using the factory-snapshot repositories and the packman factory repo.

So far, it has been so excellent that I’m now using it as my everyday OS. However, I’ve come across some little problems:

  • Kaffeine doesn’t show subtitles - I’ve tried renaming the .srt files to exactly the same name as the .avi files, but to no avail. Or am I missing a trick?
  • The sysinfo KIOslave doesn’t work - I understand that this is to be resolved by M7, but is there a way to get it working now?
  • KInfoCenter crashes on exit - Not a big issue, but there seems to be no bug report in bugzilla (a KDE issue perhaps?)
  • YaST Lan - Already well documented.
  • Wine dependency problem - No issue really, wine works just fine if dependency is ignored.

On the other hand my ati card has 3D out of the box, suspend-to-ram works flawlessly, sound works, all restricted media works from the packman repo, DHT works in kTorrent and a whole bunch of other good stuff.

Ace work from the devs!