kaffeine is starting to annoy me!

right, the other day i installed kde4 and switched to it. kaffeine worked fine. then all of a sudden the picture quality changed, it went very bright and hazy, yet i had changed no settings at all. i uninstalled kaffeine, installed kde4 kaffeine, which did not work. so uninstalled that and reinstalled kaffeine for kde3 and it worked fine again. switched off my pc last night, turn it on today and it does the stupid picture quality again.

what the hell is going on??


Did you single kaffeine out for a good slagging off or is this the only player you use? What about xine or vlc, or smplayer?

We can assume you are using the Packman version

Try deleting

i also have smplayer and vlc installed as well. both of these work fine. but i prefer kaffeine over both of these so would like to get it working again. not slagging the program off at all…i love kaffeine i think it’s a great program once codecs are installed etc, which is why i want to get it working properly again! :slight_smile:

i’m just baffled as to why it keeps doing this :\

cheers in advance.

did you try

Try deleting

that seems to have done the trick…although for now i’m going back to kde 3.5 :slight_smile:

thanks very much! you have been a great help :slight_smile:

Good stuff.

Though are you saying you only experienced the issue with kde4?

no, not just kde4, i logged into kde3 and the problem was still there. another problem with kde4 i’m finding is, i have a panel at the top which i use for applications, i sort them into the order i like and then lock the widgets. i restart pc and the widgets are all moved all over the show again. i might try kde4 again in a few months but for now kde3.5 is fine.