Kaffeine - Intermittent loss of signal on startup

I’ve been having an intermittent problem with Kaffeine (Suse 10.3, KDE) where I occasionally seem to loose the DVB TV signal. My TV card is an Asus with a Philips chip set and seems to have been assigned the correct driver during the automatic install. In-fact I’ve tried a few different drivers, all seem to do the same thing. One day I can watch TV no problem, the next day it doesn’t work, the next day it’s OK again. I’ve upgraded Kaffeine to version 0.86 but I still have the same problem. Once Kaffeine starts going, it’s OK for the night. My PC is dual booting using the Vista boot manager and there is never a problem watching TV in Media Center. Can anyone help? I’m a novice here so any help would be greatly appreciated.