kaffeine error


i have installed xine and it was working correctly but now it isnt
there was an error:
Loading of player part ‘XinePart failed’
dont know exactly the problem
it was working correctly yesterday but it wont play mp3 or avi

An update maybe?

Sounds like you may have to (re)install xine.

To try and trace down if an update caused this problem, you could copy and paste the following to a konsole:
rpm -qa --last | grep xine
rpm -q w32codec-all
If that appears ok, then maybe you were messing with “desktop special effects” and switched them on partially or fully. In which case, check the output video mode of your kaffeine/xine and set it to ‘x11’ instead of ‘xv’ (xvideo) and instead of ‘auto’

thanks everyone,
its working fine now, ihave recompile and re-make re-install xine and it work again,I dont know what cause of this problem

thw only thing we end up doing,by re-compiling,
re-making,re-installing is to brake the package manger .Package managers should be used to install applications

Thread moved to Multimedia

hi guys
just wanna ask if installing gcc affects multimedia player
because i just installed gcc and againn i recompiled xine to work with the mp3