Kaffeine - encoding to .mp3

Hi there;
I don’t know if it’s only me but after update to openSuse 11.1 I lost possibilities to encode audio CDs in Kaffeine to .mp3. I have installed all multimedia packages (besides VLC :slight_smile: ) from Packman and of course I have lame. So I’m blind and cannot find where I should look or there is no more such thing as “encode with lame” available in Kaffeine.

Any advice, please…

cheers TJ

Are you saying you don’t have the encode audio cd in the startup screen?

No, I have this button. But it gives me only “ogg” encoding. I used to have both - ogg and lame /for mp3 and other proprietary formats. I’ve tried to reinstall Kaffeine, Lame etc… but no luck.

Is this for ripping CD’s?

yes it is.

So can’t you use k3b?
jRipper from Packman

yes, of course I can use different soft, but it’s not a point. Kaffeine is a nice piece and it used to be one stop shopping. Whenever I found something good on my CDs I was able to just click one button and without pause in listening save a tune for my car player. I don’t need to rip whole CD for one track. Right? So I’m not asking how to use Linux and find software but how to make to work my favorite one the way it worked before :slight_smile:

cheers Tom.

OK. So assuming you do have the Packman version. I don’t know. I don’t just have an audio cd handy. I will get one later on today and try it. And report back.
In the mean time, all I can suggest, without wanting to imply anything, is to check kaffeine in Software Management and the version tab, and make double sure it is Packman.