kaffeine & DVD

before i go and use mplayer or vlc , is there a way to get kaffeine to play DVD’S… just pops up that xine info.
wasnt sure if i need libxine1, i read somewhere not to install libxine1 , if not needed, it conflicts with xine-lib
i have suse 11 kde4 and i installed these packagese


Make sure you mplayer, xine and kaffeine from Packman

It depends on your country, but if you wish to play many different codecs, it is better if you can install libxine1, and get rid of xine-lib.

ill give libxine1 a try and delete xine-lib see whats happens differently… are the audio & video players supplied with suse 11 kde4 workable as playing all codecs with the right packages installed ie w32-codec, etc? id rather go that route than install packman players just yet??
or is it a losing battle getting the installed players playing all codecs???


YES and NO, but mostly NO they are not workable. You need the packman packaged versions in the most part.

IMHO its not worth wasting your time trying to tune the Novell/SuSE-GmbH versions, when the code is quite possible compiled to make it impossible. Install the Packman packaged versions.

No with Packman packaged apps it is not a losing battle (with Novell/SuSE-GmbH packaged it is a losing battle). I can play more codecs than most MS-Windows users I know, and more than most Linux users I know. But I mostly used Packman Packaged applications, and applications packaged by a few other packagers, and some custom compiled apps.

added libxine1 and Deleted xine-lib now kaffeine plays DVDS