Kaffeine doesn't play from internal dvd drive

When trying to play a dvd in kaffeine (from the IDE drive), I get the error “Cannot find input plugin for MRL [dvd:/]” I’m able to browse the dvd in dophin, and it works fine in kaffeine with my external usb dvd drive. Any suggestions? …recently did a clean install of 11.2 by the way.

But what you are playing from the USB drive and the DVD must differ?
Make sure you have followed this:
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

And try using smplayer or vlc not kaffeine

It’s the same disc.
MPlayer basically says the same thing “No stream found to handle url dvd://1”
I did the one-click install from: Restricted Formats/11.2 - openSUSE-Community

…I’ll take a look at that installation guide and try downloading vlc. It’s not really a big problem for me, but sometimes I loan the external drive to a friend of mine (he has a netbook)

Thanks for your help.