Kaffeine doesn't play flv or wmv


Although I have installed the various multimedia codecs for KDE (codecs-kde.ymp)
I cannot get Kaffeine to play flv and wmv files. Avi is no problem.

I am running openSUSE 11.1 on a Lenovo Thinkpad TP61.

It seems that xvid does not get installed by codecs-kde.ymp. When trying to
install xvid manually using Yast the downlaod menu offers a codec named xvidcore
which I have installed.

Still, no playing flv and wmv files.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Though the first thing I always do after installing openSUSE is removing kaffeine and installing SMPlayer as it plays nearly everything you throw at it… I suspect you need the w32codec-all package.

So fire up a console and paste
sudo zypper install w32codec-all there is also Multimedia - openSUSE-Community for ease of use.

Hi and thanks

w32codec-all is installed. All relevant codecs with the exception of xvid are installed.


Did you install the Packman version? e.g.: kaffeine-0.8.7-2.pm.2 .
Kaffeine from Suse is crippled. The version I listed has no problem reproducing wmv.

Wanna hear my SOLUTION?
Get yourself the VLC media player. You’ll never have problems of any kind again. Vlc brings all requirements and codecs with it. Naturally. Greates media player ever.

Greetz to the geeks. :wink:

why vlc, I think SMPlayer is better, because VLC hangs at the beginnings often.

But you can take what you want, smplayer is just easier to install.

In kaffeine, you have a choice to select either the gstreamer engine or the xine engine. Which one did you choose?

I prefer to update my xine to play the type of video/audio codecs that I like, and then in kaffeine select to use the xine engine.

You could try working your way through this multimedia troubleshooting guide of RedDwarf’s: Check your multimedia problem in ten steps - openSUSE Forums

No comment. Use VLC.

Your choice. :wink:

hgeis, please don’t be insulted if I’m suggesting something so basic that you’ve already done it. Maybe this answer will help others if it doesn’t help you.

  1. Follow caf4926’s guide here: Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

  2. Then follow RedDward’s guide here: Check your multimedia problem in ten steps - openSUSE Forums

  3. Then be certain that you have .flv and .wmv set up in file associations. .flv is not set up by default and .wmv may not be.

To do this (again, sorry if this is way to basic for you) do the following.

KDE control center > KDE components > File associations > video > add. Then in the box that pops up select “video” from the group drop-down and enter “flv” as the type name. Click OK.

On the upper right click the general tab. Under filename patterns click “add” and then in the box that pops up enter flv after the * and dot.

Then below that in the application preference order click “add” and select Kaffeine. Kaffeine will be added to the list. Move it to the top of the list so it’s the player chosen to play .flv files.

Click OK.

Now when you click on an .flv video file it should default to Kaffeine. If not recheck the steps.

If that doesn’t work then right click on the .flv file and select Kaffeine if shown or “other” if not shown. After you’ve selected Kaffeine then tick the box that says “Remember application association for this type file.”

That should lock Kaffeine as the default player for .flv files.

Repeat the steps for .wmv.

This has always worked for me. Having all the codecs won’t do you any good if .flv or .wmv files are not associated with a particular player.

Hope this helps you or others who may be facing similar frustrations.
Good luck.

Hi Socref,

I do appreciate your help and will go through your instructions step by step tonight. Will keep you posted.



Hi Socref,

After installing xine and the gstreamer plugins kaffeine plays flv and wmv. flv-files which I have downloaded from youtube are being played in a bit of a bumpy manner. Still have to check whether kaffeine now plays DVDs I have ripped to disc.

Thanks for your help.