Kaffeine crashes as soonas I select TV.

Since my last update and a zypper dup from packman I find that when I start Kaffeine and select my TV option it freezes the whole desktop PC and I have to reboot it. This is he latest 1.2.2 release of Kaffeine and all of the xine related products installed come from packman, however kaffeine itself is from the stanard repo. There is nothing in the system log when this happens as the crash is instant and terminal. Not sure where to go from here.

Any ideas please?


Probably should get ALL multimedia stuff from packman. You mix repos an you never know what will happen.

What kernel do you use? There is a bug in Kernel 4.5.3 and higher that freezes your PC when trying to play TV.


I have Linux 4.5.3-1-default so I guess that’s the issue and I’ll need the patch.


Thank you Swannema.
I’ve tried everything I could think and was thinking of buying a new tv card.
I’d scoured the net and it was here all the time.

The latest kernel that was released today in the kernel standard repo has solved the problem.


It is now 4.6.0-1.1

Any idea when this will hit the standard Tumbleweed repos?