Kaffeine codecs for playing flv files

guys I would like to have only one media player one it comes to video, and that’s kaffeine, but I tried open an flv filen and it says that is missing codecs… the q is how could I install this codecs for kaffeine?

In general, for playing videos involving proprietary formats, you need to make sure you’re using the packman version of kaffeine. Additionally, you need libxine1 and win32codec-all packages from same repo. Maybe one of the media gurus can add to (or correct) this info.

ok… let me see if understood, I have packman as one of my repos sources, but I would have to remove the version of kaffeine I have and reinstall one from the packman along with those codecs?.. how you guys usually watch flv files when downloaded to your pc?

Here is the link for KDE Codecs:
It includes Flv, Java, libxine1, win32codecs, Mplayer, etc.
I recommend you MPlayer for watching anything. :wink: