KAddressBook not working properly for me

I am trying to enter a contact into the address book and not being successful. When it comes time to save the entry, I am asked which book that I want to use but the drop down box has no entries and it won’t let me input anything to name the address book either. On 13.1 KDE system.

Is your addressbook enabled?
There should be a tick next to your address book in the “Address Book” list.


I had to select a new address book to be able to enable it. Afterward things worked as designed.

UPDATE: I was able to add an address book (new default) and that was what I needed to do. I think I’m set for now. Thanks!

rotfl! Many thanks, I was driving mad after using KAddressbook with new installed 13.1. I imported addresses Vcard, I could use it with KMail select address but I could not see any address at the addressbook. After eneabling it, I am happy again. This information should be entered into the installation news to help others.!:wink:

Well, IMHO it would be enough to enable addressbooks (and calendars) by default. How often would you create an addressbook without wanting to use it (especially the default one)?
And if so, you could still disable it.

See also this bug report:
Maybe you’d like to add a comment? :wink: