kaddressbook & kmail

Does anybody know how to use kaddressbook groups in kmail?

I can create groups, but when I send an e-mail to one of these groups it is sent to group_name@localhost, which, obviously, is not what I want.
Some versions back this worked perfectly, but now it seems that there is no way.

I use opensuse 11.1 with kde 4.4.1

With the new Akonadi backend, various applications are re-written. One of them is kaddressbook. The sort of things you mentioned in your post are not working because of further work needed in both kaddressbook and kmail.

I know you are asking for some very basic functionality but unfortunately missing in this version. I too am very disappointed with this.

I suppose then, that the same happens with other missing features. For instance, now when editing a contact you have just one field for the name; before you had given name, family name, etc. I hope this will be redone.

You are right. The current version is a complete re-write with a lot of missing features.

Thanks for the information. Let’s be patient.