k9copy - won't copy...

Hello All,

A brief intro…

I have 2 little kids, and I copy DVD’s so that the main dvd we use for viewing is the COPY version, and if my kids trash it, I can just make another copy for everyday use.

This is within my legal rights, so the following question is A-ok.

For some reason, K9Copy won’t copy a particular dinosaur DVD I have. K9Copy just sort of freezes, no progress bar, and at one point, an error (seg fault) came up.

It is doing this in OpenSuse, AND in Mandriva. But other DVD’s pose no problem to make back-up copies.

The dinosaur DVD is MPEG2 encoded.

Any ideas???


I’ve used the same policy on DVD’s, i.e. my kids also get the copy, the original is in my collection. My 2 cents on this one: a faulty DVD. Sometimes, when I cannot get a DVD through k9copy, I create an iso first, then let k9copy do it’s thing with the iso as a source. Worked sometimes, sometimes threw errors on me, that indicated the DVD was not OK (damage, mpeg errors).
One last question: do you have ‘libdvdcss’ from the Videolan repo installed ?

Hi Knurpht,

(Bizarre screen name, but no complaints… :wink:

Thanks for the idea. Sounds like a great course of action to try.

Yeah, since I had no problem with many other DVD’s, it seems like your guess (bad dvd) is a plausible cause.

I’ll try the iso extraction and work as per your suggestion, posting back results once done.


PS - Pretty sure libdvdcss is installed, but am at work now so can’t confirm.

PPS - How do you extract an iso… K9Copy?? I was able to look at the files in the “video” folder of the dvd file system, so I think I can just copy them with dolphin to my hard drive and work from them, rather than from an iso.

Depends on what part of the planet you were born on. For us folks that understand Dutch, it’s quite funny, actually. :slight_smile:

Use k3b to get a .iso image of the dvd.
*Make sure you have enough free space in root. k3b saves the file to /tmp and k9copy does too.

I’ll have to brush up on my Dutch language skills. :wink: Presently I am bilingual (English-Japanese) with a SMALL amount of French ability.

I was finally able to copy the DVD by installing “transcode” (mentioned in a K3b DVD copy dialogue). Transcode pulled in some other codecs and other software as dependencies, so maybe I hadn’t had the correct codecs installed. (If I remember correctly, DVD’s can be MPEG2 but with various types of codecs “inside” the MPEG2 package - but I don’t know much about this.)

At any rate, it took a HUGE amount of time to decode - maybe 3 hours or so. Usually, a DVD will take my computer 10 to 20 minutes or so to decode.


Usually, a DVD will take my computer 10 to 20 minutes or so to decode.

I agree with that.

May not be relevant to your problem but I changed the location of the k9copy temp from root to home to keep it from filling root with gigs of video while working. I also had difficulty with some Sony DVD’s. Turned out that I could play the DVD with VLC and note the duration of the movie playing. Then select the Title set in k9copy with the same duration. Didn’t try to keep the original menus just the movie though.