k9copy mencoder problem

When i try to backup my dvd’s to mpeg i get an error

unable to run mencoder

I tried to search the repos for mencoder and cannot find it. I am new to backing up dvd’s and dont know what this is.


Mencodr is part of Mplayer,so if you don’t have Mplayer installed,install it now. Microchip8 is our resident Mplayer Guru,he may have other ideas,so wait for his suggestions,just in case i’m wrong


no Andy, you’re not wrong. MEncoder is indeed included in the MPlayer package :slight_smile:

Ok thats what i thought, thanks for the help.

Just had the same problem

Thanks for the clarification. I would never have guessed to connection to Mplayer…thought it was an permission issue.:wink:


ALso, I just found out that Mplayer2 does NOT have mencoder either.