K3B: Source file=mp3; Want 'Burned files' = mp3!

Hi all. Not sure…behind the multimedia curve here: I have mp3 files (source files) that I wish to burn to audio cd (as mp3 files). But, whenever or however I use k3b (excellent application!) it automagically convert them to .wav files. Result = I am not getting many files per disk due to .wav files are large and use so much space. So question: How to use k3b to burn mp3 ‘source’ files to burn audio cd that has mp3 files rather than .wav files?? What I have/am done so far:
Using: k3b v. 2.0.2-18.21-i586 (packman repo). Within k3b app: k3b file browser window select <‘file.mp3’> then <right-click>…drop down box=‘add’, ‘create new’, ‘move’…etc. SELECT: ‘Properties’ then box=‘Type’ ‘File type options’ ; add file to burn project window (lower part of window). It shows ‘File.mpw3’ (smae for all files=.mp3). All show specifically "mpeg1 layer III “filename.mp3” I select to make type .mp3. Start burn process option…k3b uses 1 - 2 minutes to advise me it is ‘converting’ files to .mp3 format. When finish, I choose to burn audio cd. All goes well = SUCCESS. But, when done and test/play cd, all files are in .wav format which of course uses far too much space, files are too large. I’m hoping to make an audio cd that has burned/compled files of .mp3 format. This way I get many more files/music per disk. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks. Have A Healthy, Prosperous Day!!

Burning an AudioCD with mp3 files is not possible.
An AudioCD is just that: A CD with uncompressed audio data. There are no files anywhere on the CD.

What you want is to burn a data CD with your mp3 files.

But your CD-Player has to support playing back mp3 files of course.

Thanks so much for quick response & clarification. I don’t think the mp3 choice will play in father-in-law’s car player (car is 6 -8 years old. I sometimes forget due to any way I do for myself (audio/data cd or dvd) just works for me in computer. I don’t even have a television! Again, thanks. Have A Safe Day!

There is a good chance that a 6-8 year old car cd player could handle mp3 files. I remember burning cd’s for the Olds I was driving 14 years ago.
Burn one and see if it works.