K3B project cannot find the files


A couple of months ago I saved an audio-project in k3B. I wanted to burn a new cd today, but the CD-list remains empty when loading the project. I suspect I removed/renamed the folder where the mp3-files are located, but I cannot remember how or where.
Is there a way to read in the project-files where the mp3-files were located at the time of saving it?

Hello sonicboy,

I recreated the problem and when I load the project it reports which files can’t be found and where he’s looking.
If you don’t get such an message than it can be a different problem or you’re running an older/newer version?

Anyway, you can see which files the project is locating to by opening the .k3b file with ark.
You’ll see two files: maindata.xml and mimetype.
Open maindata.xml and you’ll see the files and there directory.

Good luck!:wink: