K3B - Please Insert An Empty DVD or Blue-Ray Medium

Hi All,

I’ve used K3B to burn countless CD / DVDs, but have now run into a problem. Also, I have just switched to openSuSE.

I use an external Lite-On DVDRW SOHW-1673S burner, openSuSE 12.1, and KDE 4.8.1. When I go to burn a .ISO file I am getting the error message - Please insert an empty DVD or Blue-Ray Medium. In K3B on the upper left hand-side my burner indicates that there is an appendable medium in the burner. However, K3B insists there is no DVD in the drive. The .ISO file that I want to burn is 1Gb.

I have been Googling, and doing Forum searches, but to no avail. Anybody have a solution? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi All,


On 22/03/12 08:46, jjmacey wrote:
> Hi All,
What happens if (with a blank dvd in)
k3b not running
You now right click the .iso and select open with k3b

With me it loads the .iso in k3b and runs the md5 check
You should then be able to burn it



I did a total review of my installed K3B install, and then at my media. Although I had bought new DVDs yesterday some of the disks were not empty! I found one that showed there was no data on it, and away I went burning successfully with K3B.

Thanks for jumping in here.

Having DVD that is actually blank is a prerequisite.

Having a k3b that says “i see data on your disk” would be a great help, though. In my case, that was not the problem. It was that the DVD image that SuSE provided me was 4982759424 bytes (SLES-11-SP2-for-VMware-DVD-x86_64-GM-DVD2.iso, if you want to know) and k3b expressed the problem as “Please insert a blank disk” and Nautilus said, “The data size is too large for the disc, even with the overburn option”. No way out, but not a K3B problem.