k3b packman: verify does not start


I have just installed suse 11.0 with kde 3.x on a 32bit box.
In my repositories are set the open-suse ones and packman.
After the default installation I have:

  • over-installed (reinstalled)the k3b of the official distro with the packman one
  • installed k3b-codecs from packman
  • deistalled xine*, kaffeine*, amarok* form official distro
  • installed xine*, kaffeine*, amarok* and more from packman.

all this using the yast package manager and accepting all hints of vendor change and dependency resolution.

Almost everything looks to work fine except one thing.

I have less statistics because I have just tried yesterday evening but the verify of k3b does not start after burn competition even if the burn was successful.

It burns (it says successfully) and it comes to 50% of the overall due tasks, it ejects the dvd it writes on the screen start verifying (or similar) and nothing else happens!

The dvd is not reloaded automatically (what it always did in the past) and even if you close manually the tray again nothing happens.

If you stop the procedure and check “manually” the dvd it looks “good” (I can mount it, browse though the directories and open files).

I have told you I have a poor statistics, anyway it is the task which I mostly use, so for me is important: the test I did was to burn data on a dvd+rw (the dvd+rw had already files in it burned with k3b of suse 10.2).

Any ideas? I have read in another tread an hint “not to eject the media after it finishes burning” might it help?
Any other ideas?


it looks that the trick

do not eject the media after it finishes burning

really works!