K3B: No optical devices (drives) detected

K3B (4.4.86) does not detect optical drives; is this a known bug and is there a workaround?

try downloading HAL daemon from the YaST>Onlineupdate, it worked for me

You are right about the “hal” package, but misleading about “online update”. Yast has a facility for “Online Update” that makes use of openSUSE’s “update” repository for the distribution.

In milestone testing and prior to the release version, the online update repo provides a simple development testing vehicle. It is not used for providing updates. You have to install packages using Yast>software Management or “Install/Remove Software” from the Kickoff Menu>Computer.

I’ve got the same problem here. This looks like a serious bug - I install 11.3 RC1 with the KDE desktop and k3b doesn’t work! I shouldn’t have to go hunting for the “HAL Daemon” or package or anything - it should just work. Is there an open bug report for this?

Yes it has been reported, and purportedly fixed for 11.3 RC2 and GM https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=613898

My understanding is RC1 is the last openSUSE we see before GM as typically in the past RC2 was an internal release not open to the public.