k3b mp3

trying to setup k3b it says it it needs mad mp3 decoder and mp3 mad files but when i go into yast and software manager and packages i cant find them. where else can i find them? i hate being a pest with this new os but but i need to learn the hard way. thanks for any help.

You should be using k3b from Packman with k3b-codecs

What repos do you have?

zypper lr -d

And do tell which openSUSE level and which desktop (KDE, Gnome, other). We are not clairvoyant.

You need the Packman repo added, install k3b-codecs from there. That will do.

sorry, i am running opensuse 11.2, KDE, and have packman along with the other commmon repos., and running on a HP 64bit 320gig hd, 4 gig ram 3800 intel cpu. ill look in paackman again and see if i can find the mp3 codecs. thanks for the help. this newbies just learning.

Hi all,

That was great information, I was suffering from that message ‘mad mp3 etc…’.

Uninstalled k3b & re-installed via Packman & no more messages :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

Here is the radio switcher
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thanx guys, i went back into software manager and packman and found the k3b codec it was checked but the info was in blue so ifinished installing and it all works. someday ill figure out how to follow all strings instead of guessing. well thanks agian for the help.

Well done champ!