k3b mp3 support

Hi Folks

Installed 11.2 and everything looks great
only little glitch I have is when I start k3b I get the screen telling me I have no mp3 support. I have mp3’s working in amarok and I have libmad installed, any pointers on what to do to remove this last little bug?
overall, 11.2 rox:)


Use kde4-k3b from Packman and the same codecs
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums



This is what we do;)

Actually in Packman there’s a newer version of K3b at moment :


I’ve been using for a week or so, in the 41.2 incarnation for last few days (from 41.1), and they’re up to 41.6 now, it seems to grok Audio, and not complain about mp3. Though my attempt to rip & encode with LAME to mp3 fails for a cryptic reason, OGG/vorbis works fine though!

You have to explicitely order a vendor change, even if Packman is a higher priority than oss repo to get their version, when packages are the same name. (That’s a difference between zypper dup & zypper up and reason why it’s advised to disable community repo’s before upgrading from 11.1).

Quite correct - Likewise;)