K3B lame encoder missing in 11.3?

Is anybody else getting this error in K3B after upgrading to 11.3?

Could not find plugin 'K3b Lame Mp3 Encoder Config Module' for application 'k3b' Library "kcm_k3blameencoder" not found.

Possible reasons
  * An error occurred during your last KDE upgrade leaving an orphaned control module
  * You have old third party modules lying around

What am I missing here?

For Lame coding to work with K3b you need to use the Packman version and K3b-codecs rpm

I have the same error, and I am using the one in packman, 2.9. I see they have a newer one 2.14. may have to try that.

Forgot to thank you all. For some reason, one of my packages was still using the System version.

Set as solved?

Not sure if this will work.