k3b issue

Anyone else notice this. You can’t increase the view area for the lower section where the project islisted

I could also only burn one data dvd. It wouldn’t see the next blank dvd. I had to shut k3b and start again.

reported to packman and packager

I confirm this. I just did the upgrade to k3b1.91.0_rc2-0.pm.1.2, resizing the project area works but it snaps back just a second later. I tested the previous version right before and the bug wasn’t present then. I do not quite understand the second bug, though.

Usually Packman is pretty quick in bugfixing, so this shouldn’t take too long.

Usually Packman is pretty quick in bugfixing, so this shouldn’t take too long.
Agree there

Just thought I would see if others were experiencing the same

I do not quite understand the second bug

Burn a data dvd (That’s all I have tried)
Try and burn another, either the same or different, it just will not see the blank media. Keeps saying insert media… blah…blah

Can confirm that too.

this has been present for a while now. it is slightly less worse in the 1.9 version - as it jumps back a bit slower than before!

The packman package of k3b is unpatched, so this bug should be reported upstream.

I see that bug reported for a long time now… also, one more bug… moving order of the files/music file does COPY instead of move… so it duplicates records.

so thats why i have some songs twice on my music cds

You can keep the panel size by unclicking Settings>Panels>Lock.
Can’t help on the other one.

Not here
Already tried it earlier anyway

That’s strange. It definitely worked for me.
Are we talking about the latest release in KDE4?

I use packman’s version

rpm -qi k3b
Name : k3b Relocations: (not relocatable)
Version : 1.91.0_rc2 Vendor: PackMan :: Startseite
Release : 0.pm.1.7 Build Date: Fri 19 Mar 2010 10:54:32 GMT
Install Date: Sat 20 Mar 2010 04:45:53 GMT Build Host: hauseck
Group : Productivity/Multimedia/CD/Record Source RPM: k3b-1.91.0_rc2-0.pm.1.7.src.rpm
Size : 15566352 License: GPL v2 or later
Signature : DSA/SHA1, Fri 19 Mar 2010 10:54:55 GMT, Key ID f899f20d9a795806
Packager : andflo@links2linux.de
URL : k3b.org
Summary : Universal CD and DVD Burning Application
Description :
K3b is a CD burning application that supports Ogg Vorbis, MP3 audio
files, DVD burning, CDDB, and much more.

Yes, same as mine.

I’ve just checked again now to make sure it’s still ok and it is definitely the way I left it.

same for me (using the packman version) it just jumps back