k3b hangs at verify

since suse 11.1 was installed this past summer, k3b will always hang when asked to verify on a burn. the disc ejects, reloads, and k3b goes to 100% cpu. the version i have is the same as on the suse update repo (3.5.10.)

everything works when i do it manually (mkisofs, wodim, dd/md5sum). don’t use k3b often, usually when i’m in a hurry or just lazy.

i’m sure this has been detailed here somewhere, but i can’t find anything. any suggestions?


had the same situation, and i can’t tell you exactly why it loops, only what i did to get k3b to burn/verify.


check the box “Do not eject medium after write process”.

doesn’t eject after verify then either, but it doesn’t hang.

if i turn off the eject disc, then it seems k3b never “finds” the disc again. it does not go 100% cpu, just sits there.

if i was in your position, i’d replace the k3b rpm from opensuse repo with the packman 11.1 version, along with k3b-codecs and all related recommended packages. then to eliminate the possibility of a mis-configure, move the ~/.kde/share/config/k3b* files somewhere else for safety.

this will make k3b do the first-run setup for that user account and try it to see if it still hangs. (i use the packman version because of the crippled features in the politically correct opensuse version).

this may turn out to be a hardware related problem.

Using the Packman K3b is probably a good idea, as most people will switch to that for the multi-media codec support.

Perhaps would be interesting to see if using K3b feature to read off the iso file, fails similarly or if it is verification specific? Then submit bug report.

It’s a long shot but there was a problem with the KDE4 version which has been resolved since 1.68 but perhaps the updated KDE3 version acquired a similar problem. Because of the earlier problems with the KDE4 version I have been using the standard KDE3 version with 11.1 and KDE4 until three days ago and had no problems.

On the other hand, I never bother to verify as it is not 100% reliable anyway. I simply open the CD/DVD and check that it is usable instead.

Hmmm, verify takes just a few extra minutes, and it’s found the single media error for me when I had a bad burn. It’s a lot quicker and less trouble than running the boot time verification, so even if it only caught 75% of the errors it’d still be worthwhile doing it to me.

I’ve given up using k3b in favour of brasero 2.26.3, but FWIW here’s a handy script for verifying k3b burns.

# Use this when k3b barfs when verifying a burn of an ISO image.

if test -z "$1" || test -z "$2" ; then

    echo "Usage: $0 iso_image_file optical_disk_device"



    bytes=$(ls -l ${iso} | awk '{ print $5 }')
    extents=$(( ${bytes} / 2048 ))

    # http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/Md5sum
    echo "optical disk ->${dev}<- md5sum (bytes method):"
    sudo dd if=${dev} | head --bytes=${bytes} | md5sum

    # http://www.g-loaded.eu/2006/10/07/verify-a-burned-cddvd-image-on-linux/
    if false ; then
        echo "optical disk ->${dev}<- md5sum (extents method):"
        sudo dd if=${dev} bs=2048 count=${extents} | md5sum

    echo "original ISO image ->${iso}<- md5sum:"
    cat ${iso} | md5sum


# Done.