K3b - DVD burner fails on two reasons

I had two failures of K3b when trying to burn a 7.7 GB ISO to Double-Layer DVD.

Failure 1: When running on battery power, K3b stopped and failed when the laptop fell asleep. Who should prevent the sleep mode? A running program, right?

Failue 2: Then, on mains power, K3b at some point just stopped and quit with the error message “elapsed time” (in German “verstrichene Zeit”). Any K3b setting somewhere? None found at first glance.

So I went back to Xfburn - successful. Only reason to go to K3b was the “re-check DVD after burning” option.

And ideal before I file an official bug? Thanks!

Did you check/adjust the power management settings in the desktop environment?

Configure Desktop > Hardware > Power Management…

It’s a “young” Tmblwd install right out of the box. Checking the power mngmnt settings will have to wait till Monday. Thanks!

Failure 2?

A little more debug information might be useful here. Start ‘k3b’ from a terminal so that you can observe its output, and hopefully you can replicate the issue when burning.

Will do so, probably next week. The cost is double-layer DVD blanks…